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Puente del Inca

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Information Puente del Inca

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ThePuente del Incais a rock formation that forms a natural bridge over theRiver Caves. Located northwest of the province Mendoza, Argentina, and its curious formation and past the hotel thermal baths have become a prominent tourist spot, now considered a protected natural area in the province.

Location and Description

It is located 2,700 meters above sea level on the Cordillera de los Andes and the hills north and grama grama South, Las Heras Department, District Las Cuevas. It is around 183 km ofMendoza Cityon Route 7, near the pass to Chile, and the main entrance of the Aconcagua Provincial Park.

This curiosity geomorphological has about 48 meters long, 28 wide and 8 thick, and is suspended 27 meters above the river. " Hang of it a number of stalactites, inflorescences calcium and winter ice needles.

The training was caused by water erosion ofRiver Cavesthat created a passage throughbrunettes(Sediment by the retreat of glaciers) deposited in the trough-shaped valley ("U"). Thermal mineral waters and then cemented with a housing area ferruginous, which gave its peculiar shape and coloring in shades of orange, yellow and ocher.


It has 132 inhabitants (INDEC, 2001) on a permanent basis, representing a slight increase of 3.1% compared to the 128 inhabitants (INDEC, 1991) the previous census. This includes barracks.


The climate is temperate continental arid and the temperatures have a significant annual oscillation and rainfall is scarce. Summer is hot and humid, is the rainiest season and average temperatures are above 25 ° C. The winter is cold and dry, with temperatures below 0 ° C.


In the colonial period was an obligatory stop for travelers and mail to Chile and the Army of the Andes in the year 1817.

At the height of the bridge, on the right bank of the river, staying five hot springs of the same type but different salt components and temperatures ranging from 33 to 38 ° C, the same are called: Venus, Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Champagne. It is considered that the water has healing properties and anti-stress to be rich in salts and sodium chloride, alkaline, arsenic, bicarbonate, calcium and sulfur. Transparency is given by the peroxide of iron and algae, which favors settling. These properties also cause objects exposed to the water is covered with a ferruginous ore in less than 40 days.

In 1925 he built theHotel Puente del Inca, Where they attended the most important personalities of the time. Each room had its own spa. In 1965 the frequent landslides, which had left some time before disabled trans-Andean train service, the hotel was completely destroyed, sparing only the small colonial chapel, where they temporarily settled staff and visitors. To date (July 2009), the hotel remains abandoned.


Quechua There are many legends about the creation of the bridge, with a common idea and three alternate endings:

Before the Spanish arrived, the heir to the throne of the Inca Empire was suffering from a severe and strange paralysis. After trying all sorts of cures to no avail, the great sages of the kingdom advised the king that his son could only be healed in a shed located in a remote region in the south. He then prepared a group with the best warriors and caravan departed from Qosqo south. After months of passage in which overcame many difficulties, resulted in the high mountains and saw that the other side of a deep ravine which raged _por río_ sprouted a stormy waters of springs that would heal the heir.
  • Inca warriors, to realize the dream of their beloved leader, embraced each other and formed a human bridge. Then the Inca, walking over the backs of his men, took her child to the baths, where he found the cure sought. When his gaze turned back to thank his warriors, they were petrified, creating the famous bridge.
  • By the time they were mulling over how to cross the sky darkened and shook the granite floor and was dropped from the high peaks, huge masses of stone with a terrifying noise. After the crash, they saw the Incas amazed the omnipotence of the god Inti (the sun) and Mama Quilla (Moon) had created a bridge that would allow them to easily get to the wonderful source. Conveyed to her the Prince, who drank from its waters and soon regained his health.
  • Knowing that the king would not survive to retrace the path that would allow them to cross the ravine, the convoy paused to spend the night. The god Inti, who had seen since they left from the center of the empire, descended behind the mountains moved by the pain that these men felt and decided to help them complete their journey. Upon awakening the Incas were astonished to discover, as if you were there from the beginning of time, a solid stone bridge that led to the other side of the river, where was the cure for the patient.


Despite the painful operation today, with craft stalls Second hand, today Puente del Inca is a town potecialmente tourist from the point of view of the route of the Trans-Andean Railway. Many companies have targeted this site to place a resort. This is in comparison with conservation agencies, which propose an evacuation of the area and its conservation. It is awaiting the start of the renovation project of trans-Andean railway, linking Argentina and Chile, to envision a future for this enigmatic mountain landscape. Unfortunately although it is not credible, and training was influenced by the passage of tourists: they modify the flow of water and thus the mineralization. We had to break up a piece of rock for the authorities to realize the damage that was occurring as a result of that, passing the bridge is prohibited from 5 years ago.


In the area is the Puente del Inca InnLocated on international route No. 7 at km 170, 6 kms. ofski centerí "Penitents"This hostería is ideal for those who travel vehíown ass and want to spend a week full of peace, enjoying the ski resort. A 100 mts. the Inn is encentran Army tracks andThe Ski Center Mini Puquios(Ideal for beginners). It is also the starting point in the summer for trekking, horse riding and Aconcagua Expeditions.

It has rooms with private bath rooms with capacity from 1 to 8 people, generate heat and exquisite service meals and desserts to taste.

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